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Backstage, a nervous elephant prepares for his trumpet solo.

"Solo" was my senior thesis film at RIT. I created this short from the ground up over the course of a year. After I figured out the right story, jazz composer Steven Feifke and I worked back and forth to develop the right score, allowing the music and the picture to inspire one another. I blended CG and traditional animation to build a psychedelic world behind the curtain, where Treble must confront his anxiety.

Software: Maya, After Effects, Trapcode Particular, TVPaint, Premiere
Composed by Steven Feifke
Sound Design by Jake Peterson

Brewed Awakening

A happy blue guy enters a coffee shop full of phone zombies.

Brewed Awakening was my 3rd-year semester film at RIT. This was my first 3D production, which introduced a lot of new challenges. The coffee shop in this film, along with the line of phone zombies, was inspired by the Starbucks at my school, where you can enter and leave the coffee shop without being noticed by a single person!

Software: Maya
Sound Design by Jake Peterson
"Willy" rig by Matthew Moore


Two mall workers ditch their posts to enjoy a day at the movies, awkwardly interacting with each other while evading their evil bosses.

I pre-produced this film in 2013, and have since been working individually to turn it it into a fully-fleshed, 2D-animated production. I know the characters very well, as they are inspired by characters from my early-teenage years, when my friends and I spent our free time (and all of our money) at a local movie theater. Grumpy employees, evil bosses, and obliviously happy fast-food workers wearing chicken suits are people most of us are familiar with.

Software: Toon Boom
Work in progress

more animation

Sous-Chef Interview Audio Clip from Netflix's "House of Cards" (Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects)

Po & TIgress Training animation completed with DreamWorks character rigs using the studio's proprietary animation software (PREMO)

Breakdancing Robot Free rig from Creative Crash. (Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects)

Smash Bro Bears Complaining about playing Smash Bros with Brendan. Starring two bears. (Toon Boom)

Snowman A snowman jumps into a dangerous situation. (Traditional animation)